Monday, February 20, 2012

Miniature Horse Found Slaughtered In Miami-Dade « CBS Miami

Miniature Horse Found Slaughtered In Miami-Dade « CBS Miami

Miniature Horse Found Slaughtered In Miami-Dade

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Authorities are asking for help in finding the person or people who butchered a 5-year-old miniature horse and left her in pieces by the side of the road in a remote section of Northwest Miami-Dade.

It is the third such discovery of a slaughtered horse in Miami-Dade in the past two months.

Richard Couto, the founder of the Animal Recovery Mission, said the Miniature Horse was found in the exact same spot in the C-9 basin at Northwest 179th Street and 129th Ave. where another butchered horse was found a month ago

A Miami-Dade investigator takes pictures of a miniature horse found slaughtered. (Source: CBS4)

“That was a quarterhorse that had been used for racing and I am 95 per cent certain the same killers have struck again,” said Couto. Couto says another horse was found slaughtered on Dec. 26th of last year in a Southwest Miami-Dade canal and that crime was not connected to the other two horses.

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There are many many stories that I find and post that upset me a great deal.  This story in particular is extremely upsetting.  ANY horse being tortured and slaughtered is outrageous, but a miniature horse, that is the sickest of the sick.  As a former mini owner, their tiny little bodies have absolutely no defense against an adult.  My mini was 29", many of them are much, much smaller.  This disgusts me beyond words, and make me horribly said for this little girl.  Rest in peace dear one.  Run with the big guys at the rainbow bridge, feel no more pain and let us pray that Epona and Rhiannon unleash their wrath on whoever committed this heinous crime and they pay for it three times over.  FDEF

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